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The Matchless KungfuFree Download GAMESPACK.NET I’ve played hours and hours of Tale of Immortals and honestly, I recommend it. The relationships between NPCs are nice, the combat is pretty much Vampire Survivor but a lot less intense, there are many towns to explore and people to talk to around the world, they interact with you on their own accord too. The character creation system is pretty neat, and the progression system is addictive as fuck. There are sect tournaments to join in and fight for rank promotions, sect missions of various types, etc. You can get married, have romances, etc or you can just fuck everyone and have a girl in each town. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Cons: Very grindy. VERY. GRINDY. I recommend using a mod that multiplies how much skill a fruit gives you. Basically finding and eating certain fruits is what gives you skill upgrades. Say you eat a “Sword Fruit” and it improves your sword skill by 1, etc. PS: I was reading the lastest patch notes and seems they reduced the grind a little on certain aspects, but not by much. You still need mods or crackhead levels of addiction. For maximum fun, if you do end up playing, pick the dragon heritage thingy as one of your starting perks. It has a unique storyline, plus dragon companion during battles (starts as a caterpillar, has something to do with chinese mythology of how dragons are created or something, idk). Lakeburg Legacies

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