Seasons of Loss


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Seasons of Loss Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The story that Seasons of Loss is telling does have something about it. There is this rather nerdy and normal kind of young man that ends up being the victim of a bully. His mother tries to help out, but she ends up being pulled in by the bully and she ends up being his sex slave and it is a story that sees her corrupted into being nothing more than something for him to plow. Now, as a premise, that is something I have experienced before. Most of us that are into lewd games have played these “bully” games where the bully bangs the mom before. However, the characters in this game are just so dumb! There is no denying it, it is like it has to be a deliberate choice, I just do not see how the characters can be this stupid by accident. The story did not turn me off or anything like that, but as I said in the intro, I was pulled into the game by the art so perhaps I was more forgiving with the way the story followed. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

That was a very obscure reference to Wayne’s World there by the way. Anyway. Seasons of Loss has the hottest milf you will ever see in Azusa. She is so thick, so hot, and just so amazing that I was pretty much all in on this game no matter what the story was going to be based on her alone! The game has epic sex scenes that are all animated and that makes them even better. I love how she is a thicker woman and she just has a ton of sex appeal about her. The game even has some voice acting which helps give her a bit more personality, but I do wish it had English voice acting. When it comes down to the type of visual novel that Seasons of Loss is, I have to say that it is one of those ones that has an illusion of choice. The game does give you some choices to make as you progress through the story, but some of these feel like they do not matter at all! I get that they at least keep the player a bit more invested in the “game” however, they tend to feel like a waste of time more often than not. However, on the plus side of this, I feel that the amazing art made me care less that I was not making any meaningful choices as I progressed through the game. Selaco


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