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Prison Boss Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The game does not really craft a story (see what I did there), but more sets you a goal of rising your rank in the prison and eventually get moved to another. How do you do this? Craft items to complete jobs and goals. However, there is more to the game than just crafting. When you are in the first prison you will learn to craft cigarettes, write erotic letters and make ropes. You will start by only being able craft cigarettes, as you make money to allow you craft more – by selling them to another prisoner who visits your cell in the day time. But, not only can you sell, you can trade for more contraband to help your next crafting session. This is not how you progress though, buying more contraband will allow you to complete jobs taken from the same guy. Once you have completed these jobs it will teach you how to craft something else and your progression is moved along. These jobs might be craft five cigarettes for staff, then completing this job will give you some progression and also bonuses like opening up more materials in the trade shop. This brings in some money management that gives the game a little bit extra. Don’t worry if you run out of money, you have a little character in your cell called Bobby you can trade, but this will remove and remaining stock you have in your cell as part of the deal. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

You might be thinking this all sounds a little easy? But, the challenge in the crafting comes by only being able to craft at night (which is moved to by clicking on the clock in your cell). On a night time you will have guards patrolling the cells, and of course these cannot see you crafting or your contraband. Meaning as they approach you need to make sure everything is out of sight, if they see anything they will take that item from you, reducing your stock and money making potential. Each guard will come with their own movement speeds, so you need to make sure you also take this into account. Gunfire Reborn


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