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Aircraft Carrier Survival Free Download GAMESPACK.NET In war games, we almost always play the frontline soldier and we tend to forget how much logistics and tactical management is done behind the scenes before and after the mission. In Aircraft Carrier Survival you do exactly that: you are the commander of an aircraft carrier fleet and must keep the seas safe while getting attacked by hostile ship fleets, submarines, and planes. This all plays out during the American campaign at Pearl Harbor during World War 2. Will you become the renowned general that turns the tide during the war, or will you be buried at sea?  It all begins in 1940s Pearl Harbor, the Second World War is in full swing and you have just finished your training to commandeer an aircraft carrier. Not only are you given control over the ship, but you will have to lead the whole naval fleet to safety. It is your job to keep the waters secure while gathering more information about hostile forces in the area. Before each mission, you get a full briefing on what your next assignment is, so there is a bit of story in each segment, but this can be skipped without impacting the gameplay. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Graphically the game left us with mixed feelings. There is a lot going on at all times and those who have played Fallout Shelter will see certain similarities. Your ship is filled with crewmen working to keep the ship afloat, officers navigating the traitorous waters, and planes being loaded and unloaded onto the deck. Not only is this all viewable and animated, but when you upgrade certain assets like ships or planes, these will change form and you have the ability to customize their looks with a different paint scheme. While the front end looks good, it is more the water effects and battle videos where you see a drastic decrease in overall quality. During attack runs, you have the ability to see this footage as a video playing out, but this looks pretty simplified in comparison to the epic battles that you see while defending your ship. Life is Strange

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