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VoidBound Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The colors and composition are great, and given the technical limitations the lighting pretty good. Clever keeping the motion horizontal, as that street light effect only works that way. But something was bothering me about this, but I couldn’t put my finger on it until I saw the puddle. Most of the background elements are a little blurry, kind of smudged looking. I get the sprite being a wip, but the sharp edges look good…though they contrast with the background. When it gets to the puddle though, that’s very sharp, and it’s a background element. Basically, pieces of the scene aren’t working that well with each other. It makes sense that the lighting would have that soft look to it, but on the walls and doors and such there are a lot of things that should have sharp edges (even if the color on both sides of the edge are only subtly different) that don’t. I think an easy way of doing this would be to take your current background images and overlay them using some mode affecting only color, on top of a version where you’ve made the edges sharp, but more monochrome. I mean looking at it again, there are a lot of areas that are fine, but the areas that aren’t are kind of in key locations, like around the edges of the buildings. The lower left corner of that building at the end is a place that looks a little weird. Like the light isn’t bleeding around corners quite right. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I’m not sure if I’m really right about what is going on here. I guess I’d say if there’s a general approach to getting this look right it would be to do exactly what you’re doing in the background right now with regard to color, but to have your line work be a guide for light levels. Basically, I think the whole thing would look better if you separated hue and lightness into different stages of the coloring process. VoidBound calls itself a sci-fi ero RPG with a focus on variety in combat mechanics. The ‘ero’ part referring to the erotic nature of the game. Be warned, VoidBound is certainly not a family-friendly game – even more than some of the 18+ games we normally cover. While it refers to itself as an RPG, I’d note the visual novel aspects too. The story is partially told through visual novel style gameplay, with more interactive moments than normal. VoidBound is currently just a demo. As such, this is a write of my thoughts and impressions after playing, rather than a full review after going through everything I can.  Seasons of Loss


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