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Selaco Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Another alien explodes into guts, chunks, and limbs. You’re pretty sure you accidentally kicked their head across the room as you moved closer to look at the mess. Yeah. You could have infinite time, and you’d never figure out which bits used to fit together. This meat puzzle is beyond comprehension. Selaco is a bit like that. Created in GZDOOM, a Doom-based modding platform, it’s difficult to look at this game – with its fully destructible scenery, immersive interactions, permanent gore, and looping survival horror map design – and figure out how all these parts can come from the same body. The best way to explain how Selaco feels is by listing a mix of games that likely influenced it. There’s the smart AI dialogue from Fear, where enemies call out for dead comrades, comment on your loadout, and work together to push you when you’re injured. There’s the destructive scenery of Black, corridors painted with blood smears and littered with body parts, walls peppered with bullet holes, and your feet crunching on smashed glass. There’s a lot of Half-Life 2, from its combine-esque enemies to its set-pieces and puzzles. Then, of course, there’s Doom – the secrets, the weapons, the gibs. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

There’s so much interactivity in the world. Paintings hang askew (and you can correct them if you like), papers fly into the air, fire extinguishers hiss and smoke, paint cans splatter and spill their content on every surface, and gas canisters zoom around the room like jetpacks. You can flip furniture to use as cover, strap guns to a roomba, set traps, and use sentry turrets. Go into a bathroom stall and mess with the paper towel dispenser, the hand dryer, the taps, and the toilet. Put an object on the toilet first and you can flush it down. Find a pool table and you can grab a cue and play. There are arcade cabinets with a fully functioning shmup, and there’s a burger-based clicker game you can download on your HUD device to run in the background as you paint the corridors purple. It all works together to make the levels feel alive. They aren’t just static movie sets. Chornobyl Liquidators


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