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Chornobyl Liquidators Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Chornobyl Liquidators is a nice and gritty game that emulates the herculean efforts of disaster management crews in nuclear disasters. It also mixes in a very realistic depiction of political intrigue that comes with such major accidents. While it’s severely impeded with numerous bugs and frankly terrible voice acting, it’s still worth trying out. Featuring numerous political conflicts during a nuclear disaster’s aftermath, Chornobyl Liquidators’ story is an engaging tale of survival, family, friendship, and big decisions. But while watching your character navigate through the politics of post-disaster Chernobyl and Pripyat is an absolute joy, unfolding of your companions’ and their families’ lives as they survive with you is also quite worthwhile. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

There’s an amazing variety in the number of things this game has you do in the name of completing your tasks. These are accurate to what the Chernobyl liquidators were honored for such as fighting fires, organizing evacuations, sanitizing areas, etc. Not only that, the game also has you completing more secretive operations for the KGB. It’s a lot of fun and only really suffers from the occasional unresponsive and clunky controls. Chornobyl Liquidators features a lot of gritty environmental storytelling that adequately visualizes the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. Your tasks during those troubled times are animated wonderfully, which makes the entire experience quite engaging. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of visual bugs that, while occasionally hilarious, can also completely break the game and force a restart. PC Tycoon 2

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