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Being A DIK Free Download GAMESPACK.NET the estimated number of episodes is 15-17 iirc; it’s either that or 14-16. It kinda fluctuates. Pre-episode interlude, episodes would be around 6-8 months, but with the branching, episodes 9 & 10 have been a year each. DPC doesn’t give an episode release schedule. The episode is done when it’s done. The best guess for episode 11 would be around December 2024 to January 2025. I share your feelings. I only discovered the game in November last year. Part of me wishes I found it after it was complete, like I did for Acting Lessons and Fetish Locator. I am hoping Ep11 is quicker than Ep10. DPC took a holiday for ep10 and even though renders were queued he wasn’t actively writing or play testing so maybe ep11 will be a little quicker. Although given the number of branches, you can spend a long time unlocking it all. I almost want more canon story and less branching. I kinda feel like I enjoyed early BaD more for that reason. That and spinning in circles in Mayas dorm room. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Sometimes I smile when I see posts like this. I can always tell when someone hasn’t been playing this genre for long because they use “AVN” instead of just “VN”. I always advise people that play games in this genre for the first time to be careful about just how much emotion they invest in these games. After all, most of them will end up abandoned, and in the case of those that don’t, development has the potential to take years. In the case of this game, it looks like we’ve moved from the three month development cycle (when the game first began. Ah, I remember those heady days) to now a one year cycle (barring some sort of miracle). My advice is, if you really love this game, make sure you give every route a shot in the meantime. Also, there are plenty of other visual novels out there to try if you like this genre in the meantime. Don’t let yourself get too wrapped up in a single game’s development cycle too much.


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