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Granny Remake Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Editing this to add : They are actually deleting any negative discussion of this game on the steam forums. And one of the developer friends is actually calling other people names and insulting them, which ofcourse doesnt get removed because they are buddies with the developers and the moderators. Absolute clowns that are abusing the Granny franchise, and thus DVloper’s reputation. A new game came out, played by both Elajjaz and Lirik (and promptly rage quit btw), its called “Granny remake”. Do not buy this, as the developer is very sketchy. For example, giving his friends free copies and then having them leave a positive review. (most people in the reviews have some sort of connection to the developer or people around them). TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

This is the most strange opinion about the game. The game is already much different from the original than the first part of granny, we did not use any dvloper logos, models, texture sounds, and any assets from the game. If we really wanted to improve the first part of the game, then we would have contacted the dwloper to ask for the right to redo the game, we would have asked him for the assets of the game. And then they would call the game Granny 1 Remaster. But the bottom line is that we just remade the game, from scratch, and the game is not a two-player right, we have everything of our own. Copyright on the name? Then the question is why there is a granny simulator game in the Steam, it turns out that it also hypes on a series of granny games. Uena games are conditioned by the study of sound, gameplay, graphics. See the problem is dvloper needs to take action on this because it is slowly but surely gaining a lot of attention by youtube like the original granny gained popularity by content creators this game is gonna pick up a lot of… well my conclusion is if dvloper don’t take action granny will be over shadowed by these scums and i don’t want that (of course if this game was licensed it would be a different thing). Lysfanga The Time Shift Warrior


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