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Lysfanga The Time Shift Warrior Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Before an arena battle begins, Lysfanga allows you to survey the battlefield, pick your spells and runes, and plan your strategy. With 14 spells, 10 runes, and 4 goddess powers to choose from, there was some room for me to plan my way to tackle arenas. Not every spell, rune and power is unlocked at the start. As I played through the story, I found and unlocked more. As progression happens, before I would enter some arenas, I would either find a new ability or a golem would mention making one. The devs, while having the story present you with new abilities which to me are meant to be used in the upcoming fight, still allow you to choose how you want to fight each arena. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

With the way remnants work, I had to plan ahead a lot. Remnants fight with you as they are you from the previous run. Each death rewinds time, until you run out of remnants to use. With difficult enemies to deal with like shielded or linked enemies, I found myself sometimes needing to start my plan with taking care of them first. You may not find yourself planning ahead in the beginning, but once you have a nice number of remnants, and battles under your belt, you may. The way enemies are grouped up had me picturing some AOE spells which may be great against the groups, but then again there is this other spell that binds the shield enemies, making them easier. As the game progresses, the arenas become more and more complex. Being able to switch weapons on the fly really adds a deeper process to planning. Each weapon has its different combos and uses. The weapons Imë uses are a shamshir and shield, chakrams, and trident. Weapons, like the powers, are unlocked as you progress through the story. I found that the chakrams were not ideal in fighting and aiming the bomber birds where I wanted them to go, but they were really effective when fighting groups of enemies. I really found myself doing more of the weapon switch in the later arenas during Act 3. The Game of Sisyphus

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