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The Lightbringer Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Since starting it a few years ago, The Red Rising series has quickly become one of my favorite series ever. After a solid first outing in Red Rising, I felt the series has generally been on a consistent upward trajectory. Golden Sun was a clear improvement, and then Morning Star was an even bigger improvement, providing an absolutely fantastic conclusion to the trilogy. It was such a good ending, in fact, that many, including myself, were hesitant of the need for this continuation of the story. Book 4, Iron Gold, started off a little bit rough, though for good reasons that eventually paid off bigtime. It provided crucial setup to Dark Age, which I think is easily the best book in the series, and one of the best pieces of military sci-fi ever published. If Dark Age was focused on large-scale military and political conflicts, Light Bringer is focused far more on the continuing personal developments of the characters, especially Darrow and Lysander. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

We’re given a fascinating look into the psyches of both men after the brutal events of Dark Age, and the ways that both change and grow as a result of the battle on Mercury are interesting and exceptionally well-done. All of the antagonists in this book are terrifying/hateable in different ways, while still having deep and interesting motivations. Make no mistake, there are people who are clearly monsters, but they’re interesting and varied monsters. Beyond the two main characters, multiple other characters get some excellent moments and dialogue. The action in this book focuses less on the massive planet-spanning conflicts of Dark Age with millions of combatants, and more on smaller-scale warfare, though the stakes remain incredibly high. Speaking of small-scale fights, this book has some of the best descriptions of sword fighting/close combat that I’ve ever read. Brown’s prose has consistently gotten better from book to book, and I now consider him to be one of the masters of writing action scenes that still have gravitas and depth that goes beyond the blow-by-blow action.  Granny Remake


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