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Jet Lancer Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The shoot-em-up is an old genre, certainly older than I am, but there’s a good reason we’re still seeing new releases under the banner today: they’re a kind of timeless, chaotic fun that just never gets boring, and developers are constantly putting their own twists on the formula. Jet Lancer, from Vladimir Fedyushkin and Nicolai Danielsen, slaps a layer of cartoon flair and modern game design leanings on the aerial shoot-em-up to outstanding effect. Set in a vibrant world of sky pirates and hovering aircraft carriers and talking planes, Jet Lancer follows Ashlyn, a laid back but highly skilled mercenary pilot. She’s fun, headstrong and, thankfully, her jokes don’t grate. The rest of the cast aren’t quite as memorable, and the story generally not as much of a drive as the gameplay, but they don’t get in the way. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

If you’re familiar with Luftrausers or the more recent Rogue Aces, Jet Lancer will feel familiar, perhaps even a little simple. In some ways, this game is a touch too stripped back over its contemporaries, but its slick style carries it through. Like 17-Bit’s Galak-Z, Jet Lancer calls to mind high-octane anime and western cartoons. Missions comprise fairly basic objectives: destroy all the enemy ships, capture objectives, protect an ally or take out a boss, among others. They are connected by a 3D overworld map reminiscent of the Final Fantasy games; a strange decision, because the world is largely empty and the art style too simple to provide any real context about the citizens of Jet Lancer. Still, doing donuts in an aircraft carrier off the coast of a city is a ridiculous visual, and I was thankful for the opportunity to pause between missions with some nice music and relaxing landscapes.While there isn’t a massively noticeable variety in the missions or enemy types, the grading system encourages perfection. Time, accuracy, combo points and overall score all contribute to an end-of-mission rating presented in a satisfyingly flashy animation as the bar fills up towards that beautiful (and oh-so difficult to achieve) ACE grade. Blasphemous


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