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Couch Combat Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Couch Combat is a fun, frantic, Splitscreen FPS made specifically with PC players in mind! Easily play with up to 4 players locally using controllers. Featuring fast-paced movement, fun guns, a simple but appealing low-poly artstyle and loads more! This game is still in active development, and this is a Beta / Demo for the final game. The final game will include much more content, polish and bugfixes. If you want to follow development of the game, then subscribe to my YouTube channel for devlogs. There are probably bugs and lots of small issues in the game right now, its really helpful if you report them in the comments, but please keep in mind that its still in active development and there will be bugs. Grab a weapon and fight your enemies in short rounds with constantly changing rules. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

At first glance, “Couch Combat” looks like a classic FPS with a focus on local multiplayer battles. With up to four players, you can engage in wild firefights in colorful arenas. A variety of weapons—including shotguns, pistols, swords, etc.—are distributed at the beginning of a round and can be picked up at will. In Classic mode, the game ends after a set number of rounds. Whoever has the most kills, wins. So far, so familiar. The special feature of “Couch Combat”, however, are the ever-changing rules. At the beginning of each round, one of two randomly selected modifiers will be applied which permanently changes the gameplay. The effects range from the (quite helpful) ability to double jump to “It’s raining couches”. The combination of modifiers can sometimes create absurd situations, which make the fights wonderfully stupid.  Jet Lancer


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