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Pathologic 2Free Download GAMESPACK.NET My head hurts, quite literally. One of the only video-games I will probably give up mid-way. Pathologic 2 demands too much attention, calculation and dialogue and offers too little a reward in return. As for the gameplay, it is painfully slow. Actions like eating, drinking, resting and unnecessarily talking occupy most of the player’s time and attention.  In terms of development, the game takes far too long to load, with the loading screen sometimes staying put for many minutes on end. The characters do not walk but simply sort of glide, which makes the whole gameplay very 2006. Most of the NPCs look identical and speak in a made-up language which often does not translate into anything even remotely useful. One more NPC asks me to “be khara” and I will lose my mind. The dialogues are not spoken but simply displayed on screen, which can sometimes be too strenuous to read if you’re not playing on laptop. An atmospheric survival horror anti-game that strives to gradually wear you down with stress, confusion and desperation until you begin seeing people, motivations and morality in increasingly questionable ways. Staying fed, finding water, bartering items for material gain and furthering the plot is the bread and butter of the game, with all of the filler being a lot of walking. While that doesn’t sound difficult (and until time begins to always feel too short, downright dull), the setting is a quarantined town during an epidemic, and the aforementioned hunger, thirst, etc meters decrease alarmingly quickly.  TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

If you know what you’re playing and like this genre of anti-game (fans of Shenmue for example, will assuredly find interest here) then this is a 5-Star experience. But if you do not like these sort of games, you will find it confusing, boring and downright unfair. The game wants you to be invested into the people, rather than the story. The story itself is extremely cut and dry– Town has plague, you’re trapped, you’re also a doctor. Now deal with it. You have 12 days. And everyone you meet no matter how insignificant is doing the same thing with their own agendas, moralities and intentions. The game never specifies or seems to even believe that any one side is right or wrong. Rather, it just expresses that every side has a valid point, and even cruel actions, when understood from their perspective, has a purpose that can seem downright reasonable. From there, the game wants you to make your own opinion and act on it. This is not a game with universal appeal, and this is a shame, because that doesn’t make it a bad game and Pathologic 2 and it’s prequel will seemingly never receive it’s due acclaim because of it. This is absolutely a masterpiece that proves that video games can tell extremely mature and complex stories. But that doesn’t always translate to what is traditionally an exhilaratingly typical video game experience. And that will be the make or break for you: Does a good game *have* to be fun to play? If you think “Yes” almost instinctually. This is not for you. But if you’ve even so much as hesitated to think about what that question means, then Pathologic 2 is worth the purchase for you simply to experience it. Children of Silentown


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