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HighFleet Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The narrative of what you do in HighFleet sounds mesmerizing. You negotiate with local warlords for alliances! Crack codes! Design new ships! Fly them around in intense combat, dodging bullets and launching missiles! HighFleet is also cleverly put together, with a diegetic interface that has you accessing the different parts of the game experience through the window of your flagship. Want to intercept a message? Click the phone receiver at the top of the screen to get into the radio interface, then use your mouse-wheel to turn the dials and find the signals. In other words, HighFleet feels like it’s the product of a singular vision, consistently styled and with systems that all seem to fit together and channel players into its mindset. Under most circumstances, this is something I’d happily recommend as unique and exciting. There’s just one small problem: There’s a cliché about game reviews where if a reviewer doesn’t like a game, but it seems to be the sort of game that other people might like, they say it’s “sure to please fans of the genre.” But that’s not me. For one thing, there isn’t really a genre like this. For another, if there was a genre we could squeeze HighFleet into, it would be right next to Sid Meier’s Pirates!, my favorite game. So I am, in theory, that fan of the genre. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Just as HighFleet is bursting with systems, Pirates! was packed with mini-games that, tied together, created a story of swashbuckling pirates swinging across galleon decks to duel evil Spaniards and woo governors’ daughters. These mini-games were fun! With one exception: In the original 1987 version, if you were lost in the Caribbean, you didn’t just pull up an in-game map. No, that version of Pirates! had an astrolabe mini-game, where you’d use the historical device to figure out your longitude and latitude, and then look at a map in the manual. It was terrible—so it got removed from the version of Pirates! you’ve probably seen. The core problem with HighFleet is that every mini-game has astrolabe-like obstacles. I get a tutorial that has me learn how to intercept transmissions, for instance, but once I start intercepting those transmissions on my own I have no idea what they do or mean. There’s a whole system for launching stealth attacks, but I can barely even see how or why that matters. Some of this is down to a poor tutorial, where you’re taught things you can do without learning why. But the confusion doesn’t exactly abate in the main campaign. Every new system I encounter adds to my confusion, not my fantasy of playing as an airship commander—except the card and dialogue-based diplomacy system, which is straightforward and effective.  Chill Pulse


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