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Chill Pulse Free Download GAMESPACK.NET  Maybe it’s that the user is so perplexed that for people with seven anxiety and trauma, it takes them out of that state as they wonder wtf this thing is,…until they fall asleep cuz their ain’t an answer.  The Chill Pill is a ripoff. Don’t waste your money. You know those trick cigarette lighters that give you a nasty electric shock when you try to use it, that’s what this chill pill gadget does. It gives you a mild electric shock every time you touch it, and they expect you to fall asleep. How ridiculous. I received The Chill Pill today by Mind Your Mental. I can only feel the pulse on my finger. The sensation hurts like a series of pin pricks. I cannot feel anything on my hand. I also need to grasp the product tightly in my palm. I will keep lowering and raising the pressure. I do not reccomend receiving the pulse on the finger. This is a sensitive area. Complete junk. I charged it up and it won’t vibrate. It’s just cheap garbage…so sorry I fell for the ad and didn’t buy it on Amazon where I could return it. If you’ve got $250, the Sensate is great. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I went for deal to get two, they worked ok the first two nights, then the battery wouldn’t work too well. After a week a fully charged battery lasted maybe 30-40 seconds. Both were duds. Contacted support as I had a 30 day timeframe to return. They didn’t reply to me for over three weeks! Then they had the nerve to say it was too late to return! WTF! Based upon my experience, it’s pretty much a scam. I have been using it. A lot actually. I hope there aren’t side effects from using it too much. I take it to work with me and turn it on and put it in the top of my waistband on my side. It does hurt at times. It says it isn’t supposed to hurt but the more stressed out I am the hard it “pops” you. It takes a minute to get used to that but I love it now. You have to figure out where you can put it to work. Some places you’ll feel it stronger than others. For example on my side it takes a minute or two before I actually start to feel it. And then it kind of feels like a sting. All I know is I’m more relaxed and I sleep a lot deeper. I don’t care if it’s the placebo affect. Fabledom


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