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Bootstrap Island Free Download GAMESPACK.NET amazing game love how the story expands as you discover the world the commentary is great as well and adds a slight humor to the game but doesn’t unimmerse you this is the best and one of the few I’ve ever even seen it’s amazing the devs listen to the players as well the I have so far not died and have enjoyed every thrilling second of it I love the game and absolutely recommend buying it even in this earlier stage of the game there is so much to discover and do I love the game and still have much to discover my favorite VR game and easily in my top two as of right now this is my favorite game in my library most definitely recommend buying it so long as your spec are good enough to run the game I’m hoping the devs reply to me if I’m still leaving a good review. But I don’t find the game hard at all and in fact eventually committed suicide with the gun. I need to know if there is a bigger picture to the game that I may be missing… for example if you find a resourceful area and sit next to something behind you like rocks and spend your days stockpiling coconuts, wood and the odd crab you can survive for many days before moving to another area. All you really need to do is have two pieces of wood burning and one in your hand and the animals don’t ever seem to bother you apart from the odd one once in a while that you just need to burn with the stick. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I am board now. Am I missing something or playing the game wrong? This game has GREAT potential, but it is much too limiting and frustrating for an immersive story-telling survival VR game. As literally every single other negative review states, the night times are awful and not interesting, fun, or scary – just annoying. Day time is not long enough at all. The entire time I’m just stressed about making sure I can start a fire for the night time, instead of being immersed into the game and figuring out what I need to do to finish it. Also you make one wrong turn and end up in a corner with no tinder or rocks to start a fire, no matter how far you are into your play through, you start over all the way to the beginning. Not fun, especially since the gameplay itself is so repetitive and boring and theres nothing interesting to do, all there is to the game is figuring out how to survive the night. I just played a little of this at a friend’s house, and it is indeed beautiful. I agree with the others that the days are FAR too short, and that the lack of any direction (in the early game at least) is a bit off-putting for new players. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a handholding tutorial, those are annoying, but a little more idea of what’s going on, besides ‘don’t die’ would be welcome. In fact, maybe if the days were significantly longer, permitting more exploration and experimentation, then a tutorial wouldn’t be required. As it is, you just barely start to get your feet under you, so to speak, when you’re forced to drop everything (literally) and focus on fire, or die and start over. HighFleet


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