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Outerverse Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Is it time to start calling blocky games Minecraft-likes? I can’t say I’ve seen too many in the past that have successfully channelled Mojang’s charming survival adventure, but Outerverse is a pretty impressive take built on Minecraft’s blocky shoulders. As well as that, it draws some inspiration from boss elements of Valheim, as well as the world automation of Factorio and Satisfactory. If that sounds like an odd combination of elements, it makes much more sense in the hands. Developed by Tbjbu2, Outerverse is kind of like Minecraft in space. Rather than that flat world that goes forever, you spawn on a cubic world which you can explore, build on, mine through, farm on, before creating a little spaceship to find a new planet to explore in your galaxy. I played a little to see just how it performed and was pretty impressed with its potential and how quickly it gets you going on your automation adventure. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

You’re encouraged to mine, build machines, and eventually improve your character and your repertoire to the point that you can find and take down six different bosses scattered about the universe. These Titans are Valheim in style, as they’re all pretty different in body and abilities, and you have to find their counters, like fire, lasers or rockets to make sure you’re prepared for the fight. The machines play a big role, taking over much of the busywork you’d traditionally associate with the survival genre. They’ll do everything out-of-the-box but can also be programmed by the player (when starting a world you have the option to play ‘manually’). This will disable the machines, automation, logic and wires so you can make everything tick over and behave in exactly the way you want.  TrinityS


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