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Stranded DeepFree Download GAMESPACK.NET Whenever a new survival crafting game pops up, I have the same thought: aren’t we tired of these yet? The mix of scrounging, crafting, cooking, eating, hunting, being hunted, and dying? Breaking trees into logs and logs into sticks and sticks into tools while managing health and hunger and thirst and exploring a procedurally generated world… haven’t we done that? Like, a lot? Stranded Deep was released on Steam Early Access on Friday, January 23rd, and at the time I played it, it was sitting at number three on the Steam Top Sellers list. Clearly, many of us aren’t tired of survival crafting games yet, or maybe we’re just all hoping to find one that’s doing things a little differently. This one certainly doesn’t start differently. Just like The Forest, Stranded Deep begins with a plane crash. Unlike The Forest, the island you wind up stranded on is tiny and not inhabited by naked cannibals, though sharks—the naked cannibals of the deep—patrol the waters offshore. Once you’ve paddled to land, you begin gathering sticks and stones to make axes and hammers, chop down trees for firewood and shelter, and search for foods such as potato plants, fish (hunted with a spear), and crabs. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

There’s no HUD: to see your stats you can glance at your wristwatch which shows your health, hunger, and thirst. This is one of the BEST games I have ever played!!! I bought this back in early 2016 when things were still not finished but that did not stop me from loving it! The game was and is very beautifully made. I think that all types of gamers can love this game. It has survival, casual living, and exploration.It has been a very happy journey watching this game grow, it really feels great to know this game has come to its full potential. I really enjoyed the calming feel of this game and playing it. I wish I could relive the first day I opened this game and play it again without knowing everything. I can’t wait for the final version of it because then I may have a chance to relive this game again from a different perspective. All in all this game is dope and definitely worth your money!!


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