THE GRINDSTONE Free Download GAMESPACK.NET one week later, let’s talk about Grindstone, which I bought from the Epic Game Store. It is to date only the second game I’ve bought rather than just being a free game of the week, so that should say how much I was looking forward to playing this. First of all, it’s a puzzle game, and my love for those goes all the way back to Tetris on my first Game Boy. Second, it has a cartoony presentation that’s one part adorable mixed with two parts gory. As a fan of horror and cartoons, that sounds like a perfect cocktail for me. It didn’t take long playing it before I started muttering, “This had to be a mobile game first,” and I did some digging to confirm that yes, this was originally part of the Apple Arcade offerings before moving to PC. I will circle back to everything that made me think that, but first I want to take more about the overall gameplay, the story, and the usual stuff that a review should dig into before hitting on the feely bits. So, the story is about a barbarian named Jorj, a family man just trying to save up some gems for a nice beach vacation for his wife and son. So every day he climbs ol’ Creep Mountain to slay Creeps and Jerks and to grind out more Grindstones, the main currency of this world. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Pretty simple stuff, and it’s augmented through lost pages collected by killing various monsters and bosses on the mountain. Soon after starting, Jorj’s mother Jorja is added as an alternate player character, which doesn’t really change gameplay, but offers the classic question, “Do you want to play as a dude or a chick?” The puzzling here is a simple affair, but it has a lot of tricks to allow for creative solutions. From Jorj’s starting point, you have to select chains of Creeps of the same color. (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Purple.) Getting a chain of ten drops one Grindstone, and this is what makes the chain building way more interesting. Hitting a Grindstone while building a chain allows Jorj to swap to a different color of Creep, so if a player focuses first on getting a few gems on the board, they can make much longer multi-color chains.


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