SUNNYSIDE Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I played SunnySide for 30 mins (so… for a very short amount of time) but I like the controls and the atmosphere is amazing. I like that you have a hose for watering your crops and not the ol watering can, plus other stuff that sets the game apart from your usual farming genre (that I played a ton since I was a child… but I’m starting to get very tired of how similar lots of games end up being). I might pick it up later though, because there are some annoying framerate drops at certain places of the city. My computer can run Helldivers 2 on high/hardest difficulties, so I don’t really get it. But they’ll improve it! So I’ve been playing it for a couple of hours now and I’m a bit underwhelmed. I’m still early one but the design still feels clunky to me. Definitely could use more refinement. This isn’t a performance issue. My laptop is strong enough to run the game perfectly without any lag. It just isn’t a smooth 3D design which is disappointing. It’s also starting off way too slow. My biggest complaint is that the map is huge so getting around takes a while. The town also seems extremely barren. I barely run into townies at all. I get that it’s supposed to be a sleepy town feel but this feels more like a ghost town than anything. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

ETA: One thing I’m really hating is building with the drone. It is SO HARD to line things up evenly so everything is coming out slightly askew. Cool concept but the execution is lacking. Damn. I was hoping some updates would fix things up but with a huge map but no people to fill it that seems like it wont be easy to fix. Maybe cause even more lag if there is more things to load. Also disappointed to hear about the building. It sounds more and more like there are a bunch of interesting ideas but follow through just wasn’t there. What do they start you off with, transportation wise? I always see videos of people riding bikes? Also what is the in Canon reason for you living in a tent? I watched a stream last night and was super confused MESSY UP


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