GUN DEVIL Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Gun Devil emphasizes how well you know the game controls. I played on the keyboard (because the controller input wasn’t working, unfortunately), which is pretty tricky to get used to. The WASD is movement, but W only makes you look upwards, which tripped me up a few times. The spacebar allows you to jump and hold it to hover. The shooting and other abilities are done with the arrow keys, where left is fire, right performs a dash, and up throws an ax. My gripe with this layout is that typically arrow keys are meant to be directional, but the direction in which you perform attacks is based on how you’re facing in the game. This means I couldn’t technically dodge backwards, I had to first press A to turn that way, then press the right arrow key. I think to make it less confusing is to have the powerups be J, K, and L as they don’t have a sense of direction assigned to them. This isn’t a game you can run into without mastering some of the controls. There are some more expert maneuvers, like slamming on the ground and jumping again to vault up higher, but the timing on it is kind of difficult. Luckily Gun Devil doesn’t have too many spots where it has to be performed.  TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Agelvik has a kind of style to their games, and continues it through to Gun Devil. The game is all pixel art, but juicy, where it has a little animation for any reaction. Important characters and enemies are big blobs of white pixels with black facial features, it makes it easy to tell them apart from the colorful background. The background was kind of tricky at times, as what I thought was a ledge or wall was actually the background that I would pass over. If my player is supposed to be in a cave-like structure, don’t make the background also look like walls and floors. The characters in Gun Devil are all goofy and wacky, especially the capybara of wisdom that you chat with at random points. I would’ve liked more of these fun little interactions, but the main character brushes conversations aside, so it feels pointless talking to anyone. Why have us speak to the characters if there was no reason to, not even story-wise? It feels like some fun moments were wasted with the choice of dialog. BUNHOUSE


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