DIE AFTER SUNSET Free Download GAMESPACK.NET We’ll start with the story as there has been an attempt at a narrative made, even if it feels like it has come straight out of the Big Book of Game Cliches. It’s here where it seems as though some bad guys have travelled through time, us following, as we attempt to save the world. We’ll do this by going to five different time zones in order to get rid of the Murkor Menace, shooting them until they fall. That is, however, about all there is to the story. The presentation side of things is pretty good, all things considered. Die After Sunset is definitely on the cartoony side of whatever spectrum these games sit on, and has more than a touch of the Fortnite about it. Our heroes are the usual colourful crowd, the enemies are by turns both cute and terrifying, and the world is a vibrant place to be in. The game plays out in a third person perspective, with the camera nailed onto the shoulder of the hero we choose, working mostly as a shooter as we have to take down waves of foes. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Honestly, the sound is all groovy as well, with the usual battle sound effects present alongside some music that does the job and isn’t too obtrusive. All in all it just works. Nothing to moan about here. So, how about the actual gameplay, how does that work? Well, the premise is good, including a couple of things that set it aside from other games in this genre. The first of these are the Murkors themselves. You see, if you fight them in the sunlight, they are pretty much a pushover, and look almost cute. However, if they get into a shadow or a cave, for instance, being in the shade makes them transform to a much bigger, less friendly form; they also seem to get tougher, taking more bullets to put down. There are weapons that you can use to turn this weakness to your advantage, such as grenades that explode and leave an area of light behind, weakening the Murkors. KAMLA


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