KAMLA Free Download GAMESPACK.NET This game still has some bugs as of now, like Kamla being stuck at the door, forever, so that part of the house is unexplorable. But overall this game recommended as the jumpscares, the music, the voiceovers everything meets our expectations. Everything has room for improvment so does the game Kamla, some bugs are getting fixed day by day which is great and new modes and features are being added with more difficulty (this game is already difficult for a normal human lol XD ). Overall recommended, great price for this type of game! Now I will be honest with you all,whenever a game markets or tries to market itself as made by or for the Indians my spider senses get triggered harder than a male’s third leg in morning hours. Not to mention, I had every reason to be skeptical since many of these games often turn out to be disasters sold on the basis of nationalism. Combining this with joke of a demo for this game and the original pricing I almost had my hate boner ready to be jerked off at the release date. But even after all that, gambling the last bit of money I saved,I finally played it and was both pleasantly surprised and frustrated. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I must admit it, I have just played the game just for 50 minutes. But It is because it is very scary. I rarely play horror games, And I thought when I was buying this game it probably would be like granny, and it is, but only for some part. It’s totally different when it comes to gameplay. The thing with granny is that she is still slower than you, but it’s not with Kamla, she is fast and will catch you. And your sprint bar depletes extremely fast, so you can’t sprint long enough. Even the setting itself is scary, an old 70s house. It was like peak horror movie setting. The way the tantric reads the mantra, the way the Kamla sings, she sings this song, raghu pati raghava raja ram. But what she does is she likes this ” Raghhuuu patii raghav….. raja….. hahahah” she doesn’t take ram’s name. This makes the game even scarier. and her scream. my god. and throughout the map, bells ( ones found in a temple) spawn. you might not even be aware and suddenly you may ring it, and her scream! The game is highly polished and I have personally encountered no bugs till now. I highly recommend you play this game, and most likely you’ll feel the emotions I felt while playing this game. SHADOWED DESCENT


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