SHADOWED DESCENT Free Download GAMESPACK.NET It’s a timely, tempting offer, and this actually ignores Descent’s most exciting trait, which is that it brings the Dungeon Master player in from the cold. Never mind entertaining the adventurers, like a worrisome host serving orcs instead of tea. Never mind delivering timely treasure or funny NPCs. Descent’s “Overlord” has a simpler remit: crush these would-be heroes like grapes. Finally, justice prevails, and not only does the Overlord get to level up, he gets to try and win. Working with the monsters on the table, limited reinforcements and a devilish Overlord deck (the cards of which might afflict a monster with dribbling rage or spring a trap), the Overlord always has their own objective in every one of Descent’s unique encounters. As to the game proper, it started strongly in 2005’s first edition, and was evolved thoroughly for the existing second edition. Essentially, it’s all about speed. Characters bolt around a grid-based map, working to synergise their skills and command line of sight in a way that will be familiar to anyone who played XCOM. Rather than offering wars of attrition, though – a ceremony which is reserved for your campaign’s finale – Descent is about time. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Perhaps the Overlord’s winged dragon minions are trying to grab swords from the armoury and escape into the night. Maybe the heroes are trying to escape through a mountain pass that’s slowly caving in. Coupled with a fabulously evocative “fatigue” mechanic, where heroes can spend one of these precious tokens to run just a little further, or pull off an exhausting special move, Descent often becomes implausibly dramatic. All of a hero’s fatigue can be recovered if they spend just half their turn catching their breath, but there’s just never the time, making Descent’s pace seem scarier than any of its monsters. PixARK


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