BUNHOUSE Free Download GAMESPACK.NET When I was younger, I had a bunny as I’m sure many youngsters did. I’ve always loved to have many animals around me, and who can resist fluffy ears and sweet eyes? In retrospect, I think it’s a bit sad that my bunnies Fiver and Odie spent their life in a cage, no matter that it was large. Anyway, BunHouse is enamoured with bunnies too it seems, as they take centre stage in the game. As you start up the game, there are short educational tips about rabbit care. One thing is certain, the bunnies in this game have the time of their life: growing plants, ordering seeds, fishing and even doing yoga! TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The idea behind this former Kickstarter project is a nice one: your rabbit runs a greenhouse, and it grows plants that are sold when fully grown for carrots. The rabbit doesn’t eat the carrots…no, it uses them to buy more seeds, pots, sprinklers and other stuff to run the greenhouse successfully. Let’s see if it all works out in BunHouse. Years ago, before I had my daughter, I was very much into gardening. Had my own little greenhouse and watched every episode of Gardeners World on the BBC. The gardening centre was my favourite place to be. Finding new plants, growing my own from seed, and making arrangements in hanging baskets. I didn’t have enough time to maintain it anymore when my daughter was born. Soon, my gaming hobby found its way into my heart, and from the start, I wished for a game that had the idea of real gardening in it. BLADE PRINCE ACADEMY


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