OUTBRK Free Download GAMESPACK.NET As certain parts of the USA move into peak hurricane season Sublime plans to release its storm chasing PC game OUTBRK: Storm Chasing Simulator to coincide with the windy weather. Set in a fictional representation of America’s Tornado Alley you will take on the role of a professional Storm Chaser – one of the mad crew of danger-seekers who drive into the eye of hurricanes in armored cars like something from Mad Max in order to create valuable weather data to help future prediction software. Hurricanes are deadly at the best of times that can leave people dead so gamifying it is a tricky business, but we have had storm-chasing games before on the PC but they never quite managed to pull off the adrenaline rush of the job. For full disclosure, I used to be an avid watcher of the TV show Storm Chasers so perhaps know more than most about this crazy line of work, as any kind of mad science has always fascinated me so I am keen to see how this all pans out. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

OUTBRK features a 625 square kilometers map with various landmarks such as rivers, canyons, plains, towns, and forests. It will be multiplayer with you competing against other storm chasers to get the best data and the biggest rewards. The devs originally took to Kickstarter like other games we have recently covered such as Starship Simulator, and ran a successful campaign to get the game funded and true to their word, we are soon to see the fruits of their labors. Sublime has just released a new video showing how some of the extreme weather systems will work in the game and boy do those clouds look moody. Check it out for yourself above. OUTBRK: Storm Chasing Simulator will launch, without all its vowels in its title into Early Access on Steam on June 28th. Baladins



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