BLADE PRINCE ACADEMY Free Download GAMESPACK.NET There’s always a hope with smaller developers that any game they create can become a surprising gem. Angel Corp’s Blade Prince Academy looks to become one almost entirely through its unique gameplay. The core combat is quick, snappy, and consistently keeps players on their toes. Unfortunately, the presentation surrounding this gameplay ranges from half-baked to frustratingly passable. In Blade Prince Academy, the player follows the exploits of the eponymous academy students after the school is attacked by a gang of thugs. Believing there to be more behind these thugs the Blade Princes venture forth to save their captured compatriots and figure out the mystery behind why the school was targeted. This leads to uncovering other enemy factions, that largely coincide with each new biome players venture into. Between enemy and player ideologies the game feels as though it’s moving in fast-forward and not enough time is spent on developing character motivations. This bleeds into the world building as exposition is dumped suddenly and conflicts are often resolved quickly after being introduced. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The academy acts as a base of operations. Players have the option to upgrade their potions and equipment, view conversations between characters, or rest party members. Many of the sudden exposition dumps come during these chats. Key aspects to the characters’ backstories are just casually tossed out as if they were talking about the weather. This doesn’t add much to the team building aspect, but does add to the fast-forward nature of the storytelling. DIE AFTER SUNSET

Resting party members doesn’t cost money, but being unable to field a team due to too many characters snoozing and therefore skipping the week does. Resting is important to replenish energy, because running out causes debilitating attribute drops. Skipping a week has the characters mention doing an inane activity that costs a random amount of currency and pushes time ahead. Time, however, is a rather fruitless concept in Blade Prince Academy as the only reason that a time limit is imposed is to keep track of parties. A party occurs every two months roughly and if a character doesn’t use energy to plan for it, a poor outing then creates a large decrease in relationship with one another. Decreases don’t affect the characters in any way, and in fact after three negative drops it only took one prepared school party to have the entire team friendly with one another.


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