HELLISH QUART  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I’m so enthusiastic about sword-fighting game Hellish Quart that I’d better start with a disclaimer. This is an Early Access game, and it’s pretty rough right now. The menus look like placeholders, the planned story campaign is absent, and the only way to play online multiplayer is streaming through Steam Remote Play Together or Parsec, which can be pretty crappy. That out of the way: Hellish Quart is so fun. I played it for hours last night, even though all I can do is spar AI fighters given that I don’t have anyone around for local multiplayer. (I tried using Remote Play Together to fight Chris, but the lag bothered him. You may have better results depending on your internet connection.) You can watch two of my bouts with the AI in the video above, which is also on YouTube. There are hidden health bars here, but like PS1 classic Bushido Blade (a great game), it only takes one hearty blow or gut stab to end a round. A lot of rounds end in draws, too, since it’s possible for both fighters to strike vital arteries at the same time, or even one after the other. It doesn’t necessarily matter that one fighter is spurting blood and the slow-mo death cam has already kicked in. As they die, their body is going to finish whatever it was doing, which can include landing their own killing blow. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Sometimes, rounds end with a scimitar in someone’s head within two seconds, but a quick resolution isn’t a given. If the AI and I both survive our opening gambits, a round can go on and on as we trade nicks, shove and block, and dash in and out of range. As in real fencing matches, footwork is a big part of Hellish Quart. The animations can be a little janky and unclear, but the idea is that your sword must connect with the other player model to score a hit. To do that, you’ve got to force your way into range, and then use the right attack for the moment to sneak your blade past theirs. There are two high and two low attacks which can be modified with movement, as well as a distance guard stance that modifies the high attacks. To fake out your opponent, any attack can be cancelled by pressing back on the analog stick. (You can play with a keyboard, but a controller is the way to go. It supports fight sticks, as well.) The characters apparently have special moves and combos, too, but I’m not sure whether or not I’ve discovered all of them because the move lists in the pause menu are currently placeholders. GUN DEVIL


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