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Fashion Police Squad Free Download GAMESPACK.NET First person shooters aren’t really my first choice of genre when it comes to video games. Blasting bad guys with a variety of grey guns just doesn’t do it for me, and unfortunately that’s all some shooters have to offer. A bit of creativity though and I’m all over an FPS, so imagine my delight when I heard about Fashion Police Squad – a retro style shooter where all the enemies are committing crimes against fashion. As Sergeant Des, your job is to fight the unfashionable walking the streets of Trendopolis. This is a tough task at the best of times, but recently the style faux pas have started getting out of hand. You decide to get to the bottom of this, and follow some clues which lead to some of the biggest fashion designers in the land. To truly beat bad taste for good you’ll need to take it down from the top, which means it’s time for a fabulous adventure. So how do you stop people from committing fashion crimes I hear you ask? You shoot them! Not with bullets; that would be barbaric, instead you use guns designed to correct clothing catastrophes. Your first weapon is a dye shotgun that pumps colour onto drab suits. Then you unlock a sewing gun that stitches ill-fitting outfits into tailored couture, followed by a water gun that tones down garish neon ensembles. It’s a really creative way to handle combat in an FPS, and is thematic perfection. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I can’t think of another shooter with more entertaining enemies than Fashion Police Squad, and they’re fun to fight too. From Karens in potato sack dresses that need sprucing up to men in that awful 90s flame shirt setting fire to the world, every encounter is unique and fast paced. The attacks these badly dressed villains unleash are always dodgeable too, which means that as long as you’re quick on your feet your health bar will stay nice and full. It’s crucial that you use each and every gun at your disposal when dealing with these varied enemies, because this isn’t a one size fits all situation. Blasting dye at someone wearing a baggy outfit does absolutely nothing, which means you can’t just stick with your favourite weapon throughout the game. It’s such an interesting concept, but in practice having to constantly switch weapons is just a bit fiddly in the middle of a massive arena battle especially as your arsenal grows.  Wingspan

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