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Eastward Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Over the 30-or-so hours that it takes to clear Eastward, one thing that keeps the story consistently engaging is the heartwarming relationship between Sam and John. Although John never says a word, it’s abundantly clear how deeply he cares for Sam in his protective actions and stoic loyalty. And when the story takes some shockingly dark turns, Sam is there to keep the mood hopeful and see how many times she can fit the word “John” in a single piece of dialogue. There’s quite a diverse cast on offer over this adventure, but these two are far and away the highlight of the experience. It needs to be said, however, that the story often feels a bit too much like a slog in several places. Gameplay segments are frequently broken up by relatively lengthy cutscenes that go on for long enough that it starts to feel more like you’re watching the game rather than playing it as you frantically mash ‘A’ to cut through the jungle of text. Then you’re finally given control back, only to walk John to the next cutscene that goes on for just as long. Eastward is thus a great example for illustrating the need for good pacing. The story is well-written and most of the characters are quite lovable, but they’re foisted upon you so much in endless unskippable dialogue sequences that it starts to erode your connection with the narrative. Luckily, this doesn’t sink Eastward, but it does take some wind out of the sails. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

When you finally get to some gameplay, things unfold quite a bit like a 2D Zelda game, as you wander your way through labyrinthine environments rife with treasure, enemies, and puzzles. The main rub of these sequences is that you’re often required to alternate (with a quick tap of a shoulder button) between playing as Sam and John, each of which have unique abilities. Sam has her PSI abilities that allow her to shoot out energy blasts that can freeze enemies and destroy certain obstacles, while John has a frying pan for beating the stuffing out of enemies along with his limited-use guns and bombs. Most dungeons make smart use of this division of ability, and often feature some nicely complicated solutions that require frequent switching and a little outside-the-box thinking. There’s a fine balance being struck here wherein the puzzles feel just difficult enough to be satisfying, but not so hard that they’re discouraging, and the solution is often more dependent on your execution than your raw logic skills. New abilities and puzzle gimmicks are introduced at a reasonable rate, too, which keeps Eastward feeling fresh as you continue your march to the conclusion.  Devil May Cry 5


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