MULLET MADJACK Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Developed by Hammer95, this high-octane arcade boomer shooter feels like a love child of Hotline Miami, Bubblegum Crisis, and Duke Nukem. Yes, I’m sure throuples can have kids too. Don’t be too quick to judge. What I’m trying to say is that Mullet Madjack provides one hell of a first impression, pulling you into its absurdly brilliant loop of shooting, kicking, and sliding that you’ll never want to leave. I didn’t for several hours. You play as the ‘Moderator’ who sports a garish mullet, oversized shades and a sick jacket. The game opens as you pull up to a giant skyscraper and are told by the Peace Corp you’ll need to save a famous influencer with over two billion global subscribers. She’s some sort of dystopian anime princess with her green hair, buxom chest, and sick ‘90s attire, struggling to free herself from the shackles of robobillionaires who make all the rules in this twisted future. Once past the opening cutscene which channels everything from Gunsmith Cats to Blade Runner, you’ll be whisked into a tutorial that lets you know that the literal energy of streaming viewers is being pumped into your bloodstream, and with every kill you perform, the longer you have to live. Fail to entertain, and you’ll perish before being forced to start an entire run over again. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Madjack splits levels into ten floors, none of which last longer than a minute, so your objective is to shoot, kick, and stab your way through armies of robots while looking as cool as humanly possible, in order to stay alive. If the viewers get bored, you die. Normal difficulty limits your lifespan to ten seconds, and you can regain precious numbers with each kill or chaining together combos. Easier or harder settings will change how much life you have, and the narration from the cute anime girl who guides you through each level evolves alongside it. New perks, weapons, and upgrades are gained after each floor before you face a boss, enter the next level, and do it all over again. The procedural nature of each level includes slopes to slide down, air ducts to crawl through, and pits of lava and laser grids to avoid or hurl enemies into. Everywhere you look there is a tool of murder to interact with, or cool vending machines decorated with the visage of the influencer you’re trying so hard to save. Fashion Police Squad


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