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Wingspan Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I cannot imagine there are many people within the hobby who have not heard of Wingspan by now. Card Game of the year 2020. Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner in 2019. Swiss Gamers Award Winner in 2019. Wingspan certainly is one of the big hitters of the modern era. But, if you are new to the hobby, somehow missed this one, or just interested in how WBG see’s this mighty game, then read on. I hope to have a fresh take for you. Let’s get it to the table and see how it plays.  I won’t go into the full set up in this review. There is a great video here if you want the full ‘Rodney’ details. Suffice to say, the game comes with a lot of components that make setting up this game a lot easier. Such as the card tray which holds everything neatly when in the box, and then displays three cards beautifully when set up. The trays the food tokens come in are equally useful for both storage and set-up. Place all these out now around the table. In the box there is also bird feeder dice tower. This looks stunning, is easily assembled for your first play, and fits back into the box fully made so you won’t have to dismantle and re-make each time. Place this out now with the dice in it and give each player a board and cubes of their chosen colour. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Again, I won’t go into the full rules here. The video above will do a better job for that. But I will cover the basics to give you a flavour. On your turn, you will be able to do one of four options. Placing one or your coloured cubes on your board as you go to show how many turns you have left. The first option you can choose is to play a bird card from your hand onto your board, paying the appropriate food and egg cost shown the card you are placing and column you are placing it into. Then lay the card into the best suited environment on your board. If the bird has an immediate effect you can use this nowThe second option is to gain food, gaining the symbols on the left most uncovered slot in the top woodland area on your board. Generally here you can chose the food shown on one of the dice. The food is used to feed the birds when you place them in the above first option. The bird cards, when placed, will make later turns in each row more powerful. The order you do everything is crucial. Sometimes this game literally is Chicken and egg.  Eastward


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