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Crab God Free Download GAMESPACK.NET You can switch roles during a level if you aren’t happy with your setup but most of the time you’ll want a mix of all of them to help you out. In a level you collect food to complete the level, this food is used to level up crabs and unlock new bonus stats. However, you can stay longer in a level and get a maximum of the double amount of food needed, so you level up your crabs further. You just can’t leave a level during the night when the enemies are there and each day you stay longer in a level, the difficulty of the enemies goes up. So it is a balancing act between leveling up your crabs and getting more bonuses but still staying alive. You can also leave earlier, but then you have to sacrifice crabs to help out with the food goal and if you ever sacrifice your 5th crab in a run, the run instantly ends. The level of the crab determines how much food it is worth, but most of the time those are the ones you want to keep alive because they have such sweet bonuses. Losing a run isn’t the end of the world… it can even help you out. Each run you start with 5 crabs, but if you had some alive from the last run you can take them with you again, and if you had less than 5… you can resurrect 2 of your old crabs, so this gives you a much stronger start to a new run. This isn’t the case when you win a run, then you start all over from nothing. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

One of the fun but sometimes challenging things you can do in a level is trying to complete the ritual stones that you found in there. Each stone has its own requirements and after you complete it you get a bonus that stays active during this current run. Most of the challenges require you to attract fish type A X amount of times. And for that, you have to plant coral and plants. One of those bonuses is that you can level up plants to level 3 instead of only level 2, this one was my favorite as it helps you out so much with future challenges. About the achievements: I love the type of achievements this game has and as stated above how it challenges you to do different things in each run. It is also nice that most of the time you can combine a bunch of them if you plan ahead. for example: getting 2k favor in a level combines very well with staying in a level for 30 nights, and maybe even combine that with having 10 crabs killed in a run if you do this very late in the run and mostly choose your levels based on how many crabs could be found there. there are more combos like this which add up nicely together. Flame Keeper


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