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Bendy and the Dark Revival Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The player takes on the role of a cartoonist named Audrey, who is busy working late in the offices of a famed animation company, Joey Drew Studios (same name as the developer) in 1973. She has a cryptic encounter with a cartoonishly creepy janitor who pulls her into an animated alternate universe that appears to be the Joey Drew Studios at the height of its power in the 1930s. The halls of the studio are haunted by ink-stained studio staff as well as terrifying manifestations of the Bendy cartoon’s popular characters. Faced with no choice but to pursue the janitor and search for a way out, Audrey presses forward into the nightmarish realm. The first thing that grabs you as a player is the uniqueness of the story, and the game’s commitment to giving you time to soak it in. Here we see a world rendered in the style of early animation, a well-blended mishmash between nightmare cartoon and twentieth-century Technicolor nostalgia trip. There’s something to be said about nailing an aesthetic, and Joey Drew does so here. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

At first there is no combat, no systems, no real objectives apart from the following the few clues before you. It’s a very patient build that doles simple systems out slowly, walking you through them without bouts of trial and error and letting the player devote the vast majority of their attention to just appreciating the whimsical and occasionally unsettling animated world. This is something I would like to see more of, and something that I believe would stick with gamers. Many games are able to start thematically strong, thrusting the player into early levels which have impressive degrees of polish before tapering off sharply in later areas. I can say that even when B&tDR gets going, pushing the plot forward and delivering Audrey and the player up to the game’s finale, it always remembers to take a breath, drop the mechanical demands, and reiterate that the world of Joey Drew Studios is one to be savored. It’s excellently paced, trotting out new details and plot revelations at regular intervals, and these forays into story development never last long enough for the player to get impatient. While the story itself may be a bit fuzzy at times, the delivery is smooth enough that even if you get lost, you’ll probably find something new to glom onto until the next story arc begins. BUTTON POP

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