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Flame Keeper Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Flame Keeper is a cartoonish roguelite that’s still under active development while the early access version is available on Steam and the Nintendo eShop. This is made inherently clear to the player as soon as the mission select screen appears – only two of the proposed four biomes were open for exploration at the time of review. The same goes for the list of upgrades and pool of passive bonuses, and I’m assuming there are even more changes waiting in store. Despite this unfinished status, the publisher has explicitly sent the game out for review, so here we are. In Flame Keeper, we take on the role of a living ember tasked with restoring a primordial flame stolen by minions of the dark side. This event is narrated via an animated intro cinematic depicting future bosses as they lead an assault on the village where the flame resided. The forces of good prove unable to defend and have to call on the ember’s aid to make things right again. Also – they’re all cute, round characters with glowing eyes that depict their mood. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The titular character, Ignis, needs to make its way across the spreading darkness by clearing areas segmented into three or four chunks. The downside of this is that if we were to lose right at the end of the last segment of a given level, it’s back to the village (the central hub) again, while the entire procedurally-generated level resets. However, while safe in the village, we can spend the hard-earned resources we’ve amassed even on a failed run to unlock new magic skills or new combo attacks. As for the levels, they follow a simple scheme that allows us to prepare for the upcoming segments once we know the pattern — the first two levels are about starting a new fire, the third segment is a tower-defense mode against marching enemy troops, and if we make it to a fourth segment, it’s boss battle time! During the first and second parts, Ignis will have the goal of collecting several lamps and keeping a budding bonfire going. To do so, we’ll have to navigate the areas from a top-down perspective and search for lamps. Then, we’ll have to use our life energy to heat them up so that we can grab them. Then, we’ll have to carry the lamp all the way back to the bonfire at the center of the area, throw it in, and again lose some of our health to light it up. Bendy and the Dark Revival


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