SALVATION HOURS Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Outer space is dangerous, but a boy and his dog brave the final frontier to eradicate the alien scum that stole their house. Salvation (Free) is free to try from Russian developer Foggy Bus, but 99¢ unlocks the full experience: right now, that means two extra planets on top of the first, Plankton. Each world contains 16 levels. The final stage throws a boss into the fray — a meaner, bigger alien in addition to the dozens of average-sized space creatures you’ll face. Although the background designs and planetary themes change and are quite nice to look at, gameplay remains largely the same throughout. It’s a merging of classic arcade styles that borrows mechanics from titles like Pong and Arkanoid, but if those references allude you, just think of this as a kind of 2D space defense and battle game. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Players position their left and right thumbs on either side of their device and slide up and down to move the vertical paddles. These bounce an energy ball back across the screen, and the angle of the hit determines its trajectory. Players will want to plan their strikes to take out as many aliens as possible, and there are plenty of targets. Many different species swarm the screen at once. Some even fire their own, smaller energy blasts, which you’ll want to deflect since the wall behind the paddles serves as your health. Take too many blows to one spot (four at the most), and it’ll crack for good. That’s when the aliens win. Other enemies can crystallize themselves, forming a hard barrier that propels energy off its surface. At first I thought these green crystals were materializing on their own, perhaps to provide a power-up when shattered (early on, they only appear for a few seconds), but then I realized they were a certain type of alien defending themselves. This can actually work to your benefit as the crystals can extend the time your ball bounces in the middle by altering its course, just like in a game of pinball. TUKONI


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