TUKONI Free Download GAMESPACK.NET To understand the game is to understand that everything is designed to be cute with a distinctly homely, indie feel. It is also a secondary source of revenue for the developer, who has created a whole world of Tukoni (I come onto the developers background below). The game is extremely highly rated, 10/10 on steam and 9/10 on Itch. Part of the reason for this is that it is non-offensive, easy to play, with plethora of achievements to collect, and plays into a very in-style indie look. I did some reading around what a Tukoni is. Tukoni find their in-life origin from Australian Aboriginal mythology. They are forest creatures who were known to dance, which in turn made trees grow. The developer describes them as ‘making a lot of useful things, but they do not forget to have their fun’. You get the feel of this in the game as your main character, which resembles something of a tall fluffy deer walking on two stilt-like legs, positively skipping through the game collecting items with gusto and enthusiasm. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The game introduces you to the mechanics by getting you to brew a cup of tea. A small speech bubble occupies you at all times to provide a reminder of what is needed next, which is a nice touch. Being a hand-drawn/painted game, and thus not your usual gaming view, it prevents the need to click everywhere on the screen to discover the ‘action points’. You can remove the inventory from the top of your screen if you want to take in the art work and relax, perhaps while the Tukoni takes a drink from his travel flask. It’s hard being a forest spirited adventurer, and drinking tea is welcome. The game is meant to last 15 minutes, and I could see most people completed in such a time (although I suspect they must have cheated and checked some of the secret achievements before starting out). It took me 36 minutes, partially because the game bugged. I was exploring with one particular item (for those who have played, it involves a torn piece of paper), and managed to trick the game into resetting one of the puzzle rooms. Thus on re-entry I was asked to collect a unique item, which no longer spawned. I had to restart the game. Crab God


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