EXIT KUN  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Cai Xukun is a Chinese singer, dancer, rapper, and a self-proclaimed basketball player. His first public appearance was during a TV show, where young boys showed off their talents and hoped to become celebrities. During Cai’s part of the show, he claimed to love singing, dancing, rapping, and playing basketball. Despite being totally suck at all these areas, he performed all this in a way so funny, that people have remembered him all this years. All the elements during Cai’s appearance has become part of the meme, including his song, his hairstyle, his garments, and his basketball moves. Cai would have been a regular meme character and be forgotten after a few years, yet his success has triggered many’s constant disdain. He has little if not zero skill in composing, dancing and everything he does. Yet he has gained huge success because he is somewhat handsome, and he has pulled some strings to get himself awards in music industry. Some of his fans are overly zealous little girls who post content on social media that makes u comment cringe, this fact just adds to the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ record Cai already has in the Wide World of Web 🙂 TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The general idea behind the Cai Xukun meme (including this game) is to mock and detest talentless celebrities who gained fame by improper means. This was my sixth foray into this board escape room genre, and I quite like it. I enjoy puzzles, racing against time and cooperating. The rules are really just a few: basically what just follow what is available. While some games in the genre use apps, this one is all in the cards, bits and box. Some puzzles will leave people stomped and a little frustrated, without seeing a way forward, but the game comes with clues for all puzzles, and trying combinations isn’t met with a penalty, like in some other games of the genre. Downtime is basically non-existent, the same for replay value – this is a destructive game, which means the ideia is to cut, rip, bend, etc. It isn’t 100% necessary to do it, but some puzzles are extra challenging without, and a chunk of the fun factor goes away. Once played, the value of the game is normally only in the memories. And was worth it – we had a great time while playing. SALVATION HOURS


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