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ValiDate: Struggling Singles in your Area Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

ValiDate: Struggling Singles in your Area Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Dating never seems to get easier, no matter how old you are. Whether you’re looking on apps, or in person, finding someone to go on more than a few dates with seems to be a fairly common struggle. Most dating sims are looking to alleviate that pain and frustration with a sweet taste of fantasy, but Veritable Joy’s ValiDate: Struggling Singles in Your Area (Vol. 1) prefers to lean into the reality of what trying to connect with other people is like, warts and all. All 13 characters advertised for the game make appearances in this initial volume, but only four are actually playable this time around. Players can choose between Malik, Isabelle, Inaya, and Ehmari to follow on their dating (mis)adventures. There’s plenty of overlap between these characters, and the ones you meet along the way. For example, you may see the same date from both people’s perspective as you advance through one particular route. Or you may experience one side of a conflict that may be further fleshed out in later volumes. These routes are the most novel part of ValiDate, as they’re deeply committed to portraying the realities of building relationships of all kinds with new people. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

ValiDate Struggling Singles in your Area Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Players can create and customize their own character, including their appearance, personality traits, and backstory.

Though the game frames introducing each character route through what looks like an approximation of Tinder, you’re not actually online dating in this game. The “dates” you go on are really random encounters with folks you meet while out and about. Some of these take an amorous turn, while others go in different directions. These pseudo-meet-cutes happen anywhere from the grocery store, to a lesbian bar, to a poetry slam in the back of a hair salon. Depending on how you handle each conversation, these encounters will also play out differently, though only one course of action will allow you to progress the route to its ultimate ending. Beyond that, there’s not a lot of player choice in ValiDate. The writers at Veritable Joy have a clear vision in mind for each of these characters, and while your choices may impact how much of them you get to see, they will be who they are regardless of your input. Inaya, Ehmari, Isabelle, and Malik are all truly struggling singles, and it shows in their varied and complicated personalities. None of them are idealized love interests for you to pin your pining onto.

The remaining 9 playable characters will be in future volumes

Instead, they’re parents trying to navigate relationships with old partners, children bearing the weight of familial expectation, influencers with suffocating self-doubt, etc. They indulge in vices, make questionable decisions, and sometimes they hurt or are hurt in turn. They’re also not traditional dating sim hotties. Don’t get me wrong, this cast is attractive, but they have a variety of skin tones and body types that most games in this vein simply don’t. There are characters in ValiDate you won’t see in other games, including a variety of trans and gender non-conforming BIPOC folks. Though the dates you go on are extremely well-written, and feel true to life, I was a bit disappointed that the dating app portion of the game is more an aesthetic thing than an actual part of the story. ValiDate is clearly interested in portraying the reality of dating and making friends as a twenty-something, and a huge part of that reality for many, particularly the queer community, is dating apps. From Tinder, to Grindr, to Hinge, if you’re looking to meet people these days, that’s probably where you’re going to start, or eventually turn. Falling Out Switch NSP

ValiDate Struggling Singles in your Area Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

ValiDate Struggling Singles in your Area Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

This game flirts with that by having a Tinder-esque UI to start each route, but it doesn’t follow through within the text itself. But once you get into the dates, there’s a lot of relatability and genuine speculation about what it looks like to form connections with other adults in your twenties. In a landscape where realistic queer representation is still largely wanting, this game feels like a breath of fresh air – one that embraces the ups-and-downs of life without relishing in the painful parts of being queer. They’re certainly there at times, but it’s not the focal point of what ValiDate is trying to do ValiDate: Struggling Singles in Your Area is a romantic visual novel about 13 adults in Jercy City navigating new relationships and the harsh realities that come alongside them. I’ve talked about this game a few times; Veritable Joy’s dedication to including authentic BIPOC and LGBTQ+ representation in Validate definitely caught my attention.

The ability to choose horrible decisions and see the entertaining fallout

So, I am super happy that the team gave me a sneak peek at the demo before its public debut! One of the big draws of Validate: Struggling Singles in Your Area is the inclusion of such an expansive BIPOC/LGBTQ+ cast! Sure, more and more indie games are creating stories revolving around more inclusive characters, but the sheer number of queer, BIPOC characters in this game is astounding and we have Veritable Joy’s diverse creative team to thank for the amazing degree of representation. The team behind Validate is comprised entirely of queer, BIPOC creators and each member strived to bring their own stories, experiences, and identities into the characters and story of the game to create a unique #OwnVoices narrative style. Not only does this give Validate it’s own vibe, but it also adds a level of realism to the situations the characters find themselves in while trying to navigate the modern dating scene (trust, it’s wild out here in these single streets). Fallout 4

ValiDate Struggling Singles in your Area Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game features interactive dialogue that allows players to choose their responses in conversations with potential romantic partners.

In most romance games I’ve played, they like to sell you on the fantasy romance experience—you meet someone, you date, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Sure there’s a bit of drama here and there to make things interesting, but the end goal is always super luv-luv bliss with your chosen bae. But, what sets Validate apart from some of the other romance games I’ve played is that it does the complete opposite—celebrating the cringe-y moments, horrible decisions, and downright messy situations singles can find themselves in while trying to find love in this modern day an age. From casual hookups to horrible first dates to the occasional love connection; it’s raw and at times hits extremely close to home, but there is humor to be found in watching the shenanigans the characters find themselves in as they strive to find their ideal partner while also figuring out their own lives. I’ve seen some criticism of the team and the game for its inclusion of such a distinctive cast and story, but I appreciate the unapologetic passion the team has for this project—and as a Black gamer, I really love seeing such an inclusive cast of characters and experiences.

Own Voices narrative writing by an all people of color team

There are so many identities represented in this game, which I think will appeal to a wider array of gamers. Of course, because of this Validate does touch on some tough topics and situations that may not be for everyone, thankfully the devs include content warnings at the start of each date, so you know what you’re getting into. The team did an amazing job capturing all the split second thoughts and snarky judgments that run through a person’s mind while on a date and the snappy dialogue is fun—there were a few dates that were eerily similar to my own… and I’ll just leave it at that. In the demo, you have the chance to try out dates with Malik, Inaya, and Isabelle, and each option offers its own unique storyline and choices. In some cases you can even choose to round your date off with sex, but it’s completely optional, so no harm, no foul if your not DTF on the first date. But, that’s also the point of Validate, making a love connection isn’t always the end goal, at least after the first date. Maybe a character just needs a night of fun to help them gain perspective on their life or maybe they’re just looking for a friend. Fallout 4 VR

ValiDate Struggling Singles in your Area Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

ValiDate Struggling Singles in your Area Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

It’s downright refreshing to not have the pressure of having to fall in love with the characters you date, it’s okay to not be ready for “romance” and I love that Validate includes a space for situations like this in the game. Absolutely, yes! I have been hyped about this project since I first laid eyes on it and this demo has just reaffirmed my confidence in the Veritable Joy team. Validate: Struggling Singles in Your Area spotlights the messy, hilarious, and downright cringe-y moments singles encounter while navigating the uncharted territory of the modern dating scene—every small victory and dismal misstep is handled with a candor and frankness that comes from folks who have been down in the dating trenches themselves, and I love it! We need more stories like this and I can’t wait to see what Veritable Joy has in store for us in the coming months as this project takes shape! Modern dating is rubbish.

It’s the only conclusion that can be made from playing ValiDate: Struggling Singles in Your Area. It’s a visual novel and dating sim that is stupendously all-encompassing, covering every kind of relationship across a multitude of genders, body shapes and sexual orientations, yet the one common thread is that modern dating is hard, anxiety-ridden and unabashedly rubbish.  Our first thought, as we started dallying with ValiDate, was how much it looked like Arcade Spirits. Arcade Spirits is a series of popular visual novels that brings dating into the gaming sphere, as well as being some of the more popular examples of the genre. We even started hunting through IMDB pages to see if there was a connection between the two. But it’s an ill comparison, as Arcade Spirits is fun and frothy; ValiDate: Struggling Singles in Your Area is instead a rich, sharp wine.The public demo will be available in a few days, so keep an eye on the Validate socials to get the details on the drop, because this is an experience you don’t want to miss out on!

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