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Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I had some high praise for Ashes of the Singularity seven months ago, but noted that there were some weakness in the campaign mode. I also found the some of the units and base building lacking. The team at Stardock are known for making incredible strategy games, but they are also known for listening to their fans. Built as a stand-alone expansion, Escalation looks to tackle our complaints with the base product and more. With a story-driven campaign, some spruced visuals, and a few more technological bells and whistles, could this be the shot in the arm this global warfare battler needs? Stardock CEO Brad Wardell freely admits that the original plan for Ashes of the Singularity didn’t involve a single-player campaign, knowing that the meat and potatoes of most RTS games is in its multiplayer. At the last moment, the team put together a short campaign and included it at launch. Fans felt it was just a little too short and didn’t do enough to pull players into the world or the rich backstory Ashes was offering. This expansion brings not one but two new full campaigns, entitled Escalation and Memories. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game features massive-scale battles with thousands of units fighting at once, allowing players to experience epic clashes of futuristic armies.

Escalation contains the two new campaigns, but it also has the original shorter single player missions, Imminent Crisis. The first campaign, entitled Memories, starts directly after Imminent Crisis. Haalee, the first stable and benevolent post-human Coalition-aligned AI, is helping humanity fight the splinter group, Prion. As humanity finds itself on its heels once again, it unleashes Haalee on their enemies. The AI, knowing that she needed remote actors, births a second AI named Athena with the sole purpose of destroying the enemy. I’m sure only good can come from this. Escalation, the larger of the two campaigns with nine missions, is the extension of Memories. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but naturally everything goes sideways and a new threat emerges, tailing Haalee and her digital progeny across the galaxy. Starting off with an incredible “Ender’s Game” type CGI intro, the production quality of these new missions makes it clear how much they want to fill this gap. I did run into one issue on pre-release code. One one of the Memories missions I found myself struggling with the population limit mechanic.

It’s a little sad when the robotic characters have more emotion than the human ones

For reasons I won’t ruin, you end up with (potentially) dozens of Dreadnought ships, preventing me from building any constructors to shore up my assault. Conversely, the other missions in the campaigns were well-balanced and challenging without any other hitches. There’s still time for some tweaks, so it’s possible this one mission could be rebalanced by launch or shortly thereafter. One area I thought was lacking in the original release of Ashes was defensive structures. I tend to be a ’turtle’ player, reinforcing my base to ensure that I can mobilize my entire army and still hold down the fort. Ashes didn’t have enough base defense structures to properly do this, requiring that I always had a token force at home, splitting my army between defense and offense. Escalation brings with it new defensive structures such as the Eliminator and the Constable. Better yet, you can now upgrade structures, turning the fairly weak ground-only Smarties into lethal armor piercing air and ground rocket structures. It creates an effective counterbalance for more slow and methodical players to get their feet underneath them without constantly fielding units. Fallout 4 VR

Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

If there was one thing I was surprised to see in Escalation, it had to be the addition of more players. The battlefield was already a cacophony of chaos at times, so seeing Stardock push up to 16 players on even larger maps was unexpected. As Ashes is, at its heart, as much a combat strategy sim as it is an economic one, adding additional players makes the fight for precious resources that much more vicious. The PHC and Substrate have both received not only new units, but also a fresh coat of paint. Units like the Brute were visually retooled, eschewing the boxy traditional tank look for a more futuristic and angular profile. Of the nine new units, the Strategic Bomber, was the highlight of my battlefield. An aggressive anti-structure assault unit, this bomber wipes hardened emplacements off the map with little effort, as long as you can flank it with other units to keep it safe. Similarly, the Substrate Caregiver prolonged the capabilities of my units, healing them and restoring their shields — valuable for my more expensive ships. Beyond the units and upgrades you might expect

Dreadnaughts are still the most powerful force in the field

Escalation also brings a semi-stealth element to the table — the Saboteur and the Sapper. Directly comparing to StarCraft, this is the equivalent of a lower-powered Scarab drop, teleporting a small skirmish force anywhere you can see on the map. It changes some of the dynamics of multiplayer, and it’ll be cool to see strategies form around all of these new units. Setting up Quanta collectors allows you to expand the maximum size of your army, but Escalation brings a host of new skills to augment your assault. Armor bonuses for all units in an area, a small turret drop to help secure an area, the aforementioned Sapper/Saboteur units, and more make Quanta feel more useful. It creates a risk/reward as you have to decide between short-term immediate gains and a healthy growth rate for your army. The maps in Escalation have gotten a shot in the arm. The largest map in the original was 72km, which was already leaps and bounds larger than anything else in the genre. Escalation lives up to its name, pushing up to a massive 96km. To handle the larger play space, Stardock has given us a new way to manage our global warfare — Strategic Zoom. Fall of Light Darkest Edition Switch NSP

Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game features strategic gameplay with a variety of units, technologies, and tactics to master. Players must balance resource management, base building, and combat to succeed.

Strategic Zoom pulls the view back even further, providing a tactical view that allows players to fight even further above the fray. This new layer of abstraction lets you easily see the layout of the resource interconnections and your army designations. It seems like a minor thing, but this was a tipping point for me. As my armies grew, I ended up using the Strategic Zoom more frequently. I felt more in control of this global behemoth than I did in the original game. When Ashes of the Singularity came to market in March of 2016, it established a pretty strong showing as a massive-scale real-time strategy that, while not quite on the level as a game like Supreme Commander, brought its own super vast level of strategic fun to players everywhere. Ashes only suffered from a few setbacks in its original release, such as a pretty lackluster story and some boring environments, but Oxide games has returned with a new standalone expansion in the form of Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation. With new environments, units, buildings, strategic abilities, multiplayer options, and interface options, Escalation does exactly what the title implies on numerous fronts, although there are some unfortunate spots it just can’t help but retread.

You may want to throw every unit you’ve got into an all-out offense

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation takes players back to the far future where humans have evolved to reach a sort of ascension. These post-humans have the ability to form a neural link with constructs on planets from vast distances away. It also allowed them to create AIs that could do the same. Unfortunately, as the Post-Human Coalition begins to colonize planets in the depths of space, a mysterious force known as the Substrate begins to lash out, oppose them in vast planetary battles, and practically kill post-humans via their neural links. Following a hefty conflict with the Substrate, players find themselves in the role of a servant to one of the most powerful AIs in the galaxy, known simply as Haalee, who has observed a great threat on the way and goes renegade in hopes of stopping it. The additions to the single player campaign come in the Memories and Escalation campaigns. Memories retreads experiences from various parts of Hallie’s existence alongside the Post Human Coalition. Escalation follows Haalee’s escape from the PHC to attempt to prepare for the aforementioned mysterious force that threatens to engulf the galaxy. Fall of Porcupine Prologue Switch NSP

Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Both campaigns have a bit more to them than the previous drab experience the original Ashes offered. The missions are interesting and almost none follow a simple “beat the other guy” format. You’ll be working to infiltrate enemy bases or bolster your defenses as you hold out for an escape, but just like the original single player, there are few of them and the experience is over far too soon. It doesn’t help that while there are some decent actors delivering the flavor for the story, quite a few of them, particularly some of the Post-Humans feel a bit phoned in for their parts of their delivery. The big draw is still the multiplayer and skirmish modes in Escalation. Map variety wasn’t that great previously, but Escalation brings a couple new environments in the form of Crystal and Lava worlds and some vast new maps. The huge maps can host up to fourteen players in a single game and show Escalation in its absolute grandest form. Whether you’re playing against human players or AI, the newly sized maps will see an incredible amount of detail going on at the same time as you either work solo or with a time to win the day in massive multiplayer campaigns.

That said, gameplay takes a pretty strong upturn in Escalation. Quite a few new options come to your arsenal. Ashes has always been about fielding a massive mixture of cannon fodder, specialized units, and massive capital ships with some fast moving smaller forces to run sorties as you attempt to run your enemies over with the better strength of numbers and specialties in your main forces. This time around, heavy aircraft bring an extra tier to the sky like the medium-size cruisers to the light frigates on the ground. They pack a hefty punch and add a solid bonus to strafing runs on enemy forces and bases. These angry birds make it more fun and important than ever to field a decent air force in the game. You’re going to need that extra firepower too because bases got a substantial upgrade with improvable defenses. Nearly every turret and defense can now be upgraded to a second level and the difference between a level one and level two turret can be the difference between being able to ward off a small poking force and mowing down a small army in no time. Orbital abilities got a substantial buff too.

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