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Trap Genesis Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Trap Genesis is the latest game in the Trap/Jyousou Series, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2021. I know that might have been more information than you needed to know about this title, but I found it interesting. This kinetic novel continues the story of the previous two entries, Trap Shrine and Trap Legend, while also giving some nods to ones released in Japan, such as Tomgirls of the Mountains. In the previous games, the priest Masato has grown his harem to include Mishiro, Subaru, Tamaki, and Yui. Now Hinowa, who has accompanied their story since Trap Shrine, has become the Chaos Goddess. Besides her newfound powers and grown-up appearance, she has become a calamity to be reckoned with. The group is now in a pinch, having to work out a way to face this goddess. There’s only one way this could end up, though. Masato will have to work his charm to add Hinowa to his harem as well. At the same time, he’ll also give attention to his other wives, who just happen to have male reproductive organs. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

The situation may sound a little dire at first, but Hinowa’s personality is still clumsy. Most of the story is lighthearted as the group has to deal with the Chaos Goddess’ shenanigans and the upcoming festival preparations. However, the plot feels more like an excuse for newfound conflict, and the details are cliché. It also doesn’t do a proper job of discussing the LGBTQ+ side of the narrative. Though considering its use of the term “trap” in the title and the dialogues, this is probably not part of the expectations. Nevertheless, it’s still a shame the story casually throws topics such as pregnancy or prophetic mentions to heteronormality. There are multiple typing mistakes, and the wording can sometimes be a little confusing or contradictory. As the novel itself is pretty short, these details are egregious. Playing the all-ages version instead of using the 18+ patch makes things worse as the gaps are easy to notice, and the sex scenes are the actual meat of the game. Rolling Line


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