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Homestead Arcana Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I must admit that for a long time I found farming in video games a little on the boring side. As someone who was brought up on tricky platformers and twitchy shmups, the idea of waiting around for a turnip to grow just wasn’t what I looked for in video games. After a lot of growing up and finding the right titles, I was hooked on cultivating for cash. Games like Ooblets with its adorable creature gathering and Rune Factory with its RPG elements tempted me over to the dark side, but can the magical adventure of Homestead Arcana keep me there? As a custom made witch you’re tasked with finding a way to get rid of the pesky miasma that’s destroying all the farmland. Armed with magical powers and your charming familiar Huckleberry the cat, you set off to the edge of the miasma to set up a farm and do a bit of dangerous exploring into the sinister infected land. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Before you get to do any of the saving the day, you’ll need to set up a base camp and have your kitty companion teach you how to farm. It’s not particularly tricky to grow and harvest those veggies, you plant a sapling into some fertile soil, give it a little water and then after a couple of days you can manually pluck off any fruit or veg from the plant. At least that’s how the suckers do it, the rest of us use magic. You see you can channel your magic through a crop to make it grow instantly, which as you can imagine is a pretty handy skill for a farmer to have. If you overdo it with the magic though the plant will blither and stop producing delicious goodies. It’s an interesting system in theory with some risk and reward to dabble in, but once you realize that the sweet spot of channelling twice works in almost all situations then some of the excitement is lost. FAKE SIGNALS


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