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No Rest for the Wicked Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Lured like an unsatisfied sailor by the siren song of alleged performance woes, I’ve been giving No Rest for the Wicked a cursory benchmarkin’, and yes! The isometric ARPG does suffer from all the early access wonkiness you’ve likely heard about already today. I haven’t personally witnessed every single transgression listed by developers Moon Studios in their known issues blog post, helpfully posted just after the game went on sale, but there’s clearly more to be done in tackling No Rest for the Wicked’s slowdown and stuttering. And even having known beforehand of the lack of key rebinding, I’ve still be surprised by how un-PC-like it is in the menus: there are no individual graphics quality options, only a choice of four presets and various resolution scale sliders. DLSS is greyed out, apparently “coming soon,” and there’s no alternative upscaler for non-RTX graphics cards that I can see. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Those scary-looking system requirements, despite assurances that they were based on an older, slower build, also turn out to be a mix of under and overselling the game’s technical demands. I suspect they’re based on the use of a dynamic resolution target, something most games (rightly) have disabled by default. I didn’t have a minimum-spec GTX 970 to test, but could substitute a similarly powerful GTX 1060, and with dynamic rez disabled it could only average 30fps with the lowest Performance preset at 1080p. And even then, it would regularly fumble into drops as low as 11fps, with a more sustained sub-20fps period during the opening ship battle.  Trap Genesis

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