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This Land Is My Land Free Download GAMESPACK.NET From the off, in the main menu, the game gives you the option to start a resistance rather than start a new game. This gives you a feel of what’s to come as you fight for land in the frontier. As you progress and get started with the game you are offered up three game difficulties. Classic, giving an easier gameplay experience with less focus on survival and more on action and stealth. Immersive, “This is how This Land Is My Land is meant to be played!” exclaims the description. This is full of survival mechanics darker nights, hunger, warmth, and more. Finally, there is Custom, which allows you to tweak settings if you want to have some elements from each of the two difficulties. I chose Classic as admittingly I am really bad at survival games. I was relieved to see the game gave you the option to tone that side of it down slightly. As you enter the game you are given the option to build up your character, giving them life so to speak. Interestingly, the stat buffs you receive here depend on the name you give your character and dialogue choices. I found this a random but fun idea as I hadn’t come across this before. You also get given options throughout this period to define how difficult the start is for you. I found this a striking change from normal character builders and entirely random, but maybe there’s some hidden game mechanic at work here. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

As you start in the wilderness you are given small missions/quests to get you started such as harvesting flax and wood. You are also given multiplayer missions where you raid camps to rescue other players or take down settlers in retaliation. Ultimately, you are given the goal of expanding and forming alliances with other tribes dotted throughout the land. At first, I found it all too easy to lose track of the smaller objectives. This was due to other more enticing and harder missions being available from the start. Being a novice survivalist I struggled and think it’s a game aimed at more veteran gamers of this genre. Horse riding in the game was a bit janky at times. This may need improving for it to be rated higher among reviewers. When riding, the camera is often hard to focus on the direction you are riding in. This made those ever-dangerous obstacles even more of a threat. The horse also seems to have only two speeds. The horse can either trot along or go full sprint. I found myself, thanks to these two issues, running full speed into trees and rocks. This either meant getting injured or nothing at all as the collision mechanics seemed unreliable at times. The horses also seemed part mountain goats often capable of climbing steep rockfaces. Necrosmith 2


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