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Turbo Dismount Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Our forums are a great place to interact directly with game developers. In particular, the folks from Secret Exit have been peppering the discussion with insight into their latest release, Turbo Dismount (Free). With more than just a subtle nod to their previous title Stair Dismount (Free), Secret Exit have iterated and improved their formula with a high octane kick of adrenaline. They have brought their in home calamity sim out into the street and over from a desktop version to our mobile platform. You don’t usually describe a game about decapitation and vehicular destruction as upbeat and comical, but that’s the exact way I see Turbo Dismount. It’s a light-hearted physics sim that just happens to feature high speed collisions and dismemberment. This dissonance is a big part of my enjoyment of the game. Some people might see it as a grotesque and darkly humored game, but I just see it as the next logical step if people at a crash test facility got bored and had a nice big budget. It may be due to desensitization, but I really don’t see a way to getting offended by the subject matter. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Turbo Dismount is free with a pretty amazing IAP setup. You get 3 levels and 3 vehicles gratis, and each additional unlock is $.99. The great part is that the game has a vanishing full unlock. It starts as 5.99 but gets deducted each time you make a small purchase. It comes right and says that you can unlock everything with just a handful of impulse buys. I can’t say how awesome it is that Secret Exit really understands how to keep a pay model from distracting the player. If the only redeeming thing I could say about the game is the IAP, I would still tell people to get it just to promote how fairly it treats players. If you are reading these words, then you pay enough attention to mobile gaming to already know how much controversy there is about the rights and wrongs of how we pay for mobile games. Do yourself a favor and look at this game because the next time you want to comment on how a pay system should work, it should be a reference to Turbo Dismount. This Land Is My Land


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