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Sailing Era Free Steam Download GAMESPACK.NET Historical events have been represented mainly in gaming, from the Three Kingdoms of China history in Dynasty Warriors to Japanese historical wars in Touken Ranbu. But today, we’ll be going into a historical period that has a special meaning in my region, South America. And that is the Era of Discovery, something that you learn at a very young age in History class. Sailing Era starts its presentation by introducing you to four different characters, all located in four countries: Portugal, China, Arab, and Japan. However, they all have one thing in common: They all desire to explore the world yonder, each with their own reasons, be it out of sheer curiosity or just the desire for revenge. The story follows an isometric format, which you might recognize from games such as Octopath Traveler. That was my initial impression when I first saw the in-game screenshots, and from the few hours I spent playing through each of them, the main characters never seem to meet one another, even if you end up visiting the exact locations. Still, given that the historical period we’re talking about here spans two centuries, I suppose it makes sense. Though it would’ve been nice to know the exact year of when each of those stories took place because all you get at the beginning is a massive wall of text that feels like reading the textbook definition of the event, if I’m being honest. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Well, I was a teenager. A long time ago, I mean. So long ago, I rode my bike to Dave’s Movies and More each Friday night to discover new video games. It wasn’t a short trip, either. I always got there way too late. By then, other video gamists with cars or parents willing to drive them had thinned the selection. Sometimes…well, most of the time, I ended up with something terrible like Awesome Possum. But other times, I’d find a flawed gem or undiscovered treasure. So it was I stumbled upon Uncharted Waters: New Horizons for the Sega Genesis. The back of the box made it look like Final Fantasy II with pirates, and I was sold. I kept it for a week, then two. I wracked up fees at Dave’s so high I didn’t go back for years. It played quite a bit like Final Fantasy at a superficial level. You are a cute little sprite that bounces as you walk, and you can talk to other cute little sprites of townsfolk, romance waitresses in cafes, and even get missions from kings. Once you take sail, you’re still a bouncing sprite. But now, how fast you move depends on the skill of your sailors and the wind. I played as a young man fresh from Portugal, exploring the world. A Turkish merchant, out to buy the world. A Spanish privateer out to stab the world (and steal its booty). Those were only half of the options. They each had a unique career path and difficulty level. The game was a giant sandbox with so much to do that it was overwhelming.  Espresso Tycoon


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