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Espresso Tycoon  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Espresso Tycoon is basically a not-so-in-depth simulator game about building your own busy coffee shop that specializes in making tasty, on-the-go coffee, just like how fast food chains operate as well. The story is that our protagonist- which is us- just graduated from university with an internship opportunity to learn about ins and outs of business management, keeping that cooperation alive and listening to customer feedback and so forth. The game opens with a very basic tutorial mission, showing barebone requirements to keep your company afloat. These include making your own brand, checking and ordering on stocks, taking care of the customers, choosing the proper price for on the menu, etc. Once you get a grasp of it, customers start flowing in with thirst, asking for their favorite coffee. From the start you only have two options, and those are already stock coffee types: Americano and espresso. You can add your own creations and add them to your menu, but we will mention it in the later part of the review. According to our opinion, one thing Espresso Tycoon did well is, giving a class to each customer type. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

These types have preferences and personal reviews of your restaurant, therefore, you can create your own menu that is liked by every individual class that visits your coffee shop. Although a bit cliché, the classes included mirror real-life coffee shop visitors, such as business people, seniors, hipsters, kids, casuals and students. As we mentioned earlier, each class of customer has their own liking when it comes to ordering coffee, and they have a higher chance of ordering something in your menu based on their likes. On the second mission, you are given a small shop in New York to base your operations in and get a grade for your place. With this mission, we can learn that decorating your own place can get higher payouts from customers. Just like in real life, a store filled with paintings, plants, and exotic furniture draws more people into your store and gives a bigger payout. In this mission, our main goal is to get a guitar and amplifier in order to draw the attention of an indie musician to play live music in our little shop. By earning adequate enough, you can spare some cash for those needed equipment. During the mission, we also learn how to hire, schedule and train a barista for our shop too. They usually come in by list and their skill levels are indicated from very poor to very good. More experienced ones cost more than ones with low skill level as one would expect. You can, however, train them during work to get orders faster or make better coffee. One Military Camp


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