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Suzerain Free Download GAMESPACK.NET That’s what elevate Suzerain as a political simulator, IMO. This game advertises itself as an RPG, but truly it’s a text-based adventure released by a German indie company late 2020, and actually I intended to post this earlier but then I saw the minimum 12 months of wait to post… and then got busy and forgot I had this draft in the fist place. The premise is long and complicated, it’s like Firewatch, in that it has an interactive prologue where you can choose your background, but at the end it boils down to this: the game takes place in the 1950s, in a fictional world clearly inspired on our own where initially it was ruled by kings and emperors until the so-called “Century of the Revolutions”, where most of them were overthrown and replaced by republics with different ideologies. The last of the them is our home, the Kingdom Republic of Sordland. After a few years of democracy, the country fell in a civil war, courtesy of the nationalists and communists. Eventually, Colonel Tarquin Soll seized power, created a Constitution and has governed as president, with a conservative, isolationist and autocratic regime with a planned economy doctrine that lasted for 20 years. Now we’re in the middle of an global economic recession, a Cold War between the Capitalist Republic of Arcasia and the Malenyevist United Contana, and people inside Sordland strive for political change. And yes, you’re the poor bastard who’s in the middle of it all after being elected as President after the retirement of Colonel Soll and must find a solution that satisfies everyone. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

If the premise sounds familiar, it is. The game is based on events like the transition from dictatorship to democracy of my beloved Spain after the death of Dictator Franco but most importantly on the recent history of Turkey, with Soll being a placeholder for Ataturk, where most of the developers actually come from. So I like politics. Not to make a living I mean, I’ve studied engineering, but as a concept. Ever since I was a kid I loved Civilization and games with similar ideas, and I’ve been an obsessed fan of A Song of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones until its sudden and lackluster demise in 2019. Tbh, with all the current geopolitical situation we are in, I reckon it’s become a bit tiring, specially with all this political polarization and fanaticism occurring in all 4 dimensions of the political spectrum, but personally I always try make some sense of the situation by analyzing current and past events, and seeing how society, culture, economics and warfare affect each other in the larger scheme of things.  ONE ELEVEN


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