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Sker RitualFree Download GAMESPACK.NET Sker Ritual continues the trend of online games being borderline unplayable at launch, and that’s about all it contributes to the medium of interactive entertainment. Strangely, I was looking forward to it quite a bit. I’m fond of Maid of Sker, and the idea of turning a lesser known indie horror into COD: Zombies is so stupid I admire it. Plus it would be great to play such a game without attachment to a publisher known for its promotion and encouragement of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, Ritual’s squalid matchmaking is only half the issue. The other half is made up of technical oversights, bad ideas, and all the stability of a damn Weeble. Sker’s four stages are laborious, largely unentertaining affairs that take about thirty minutes to complete, though some of that time will be spent trying to read the miniscule text detailing your objectives. I shouldn’t have to squint at a big 4K television screen, but some of this text is prank-sized and only the vocal subtitles can be enlarged. The UI is a frigging mess as it is, with vague location markers littering the screen and a cluttered HUD providing constant distraction. Adding to the chaos are blinding numbers of effects and bodies flying everywhere, as well as the litany of graphics and physics glitches that can quickly turn the action into visual gibberish. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

A simple structure dictates the pace – kill waves of enemies to earn money to buy new upgrades and open doors to expand the map, fulfilling objectives along the way. Despite how basic it is, everything feels like a slog, and objectives take ages to complete without anything dynamic or unpredictable ever happening. Each game starts out reasonably, but the closer it gets to the 20th wave of enemies the less fun things become. Even common mooks soon manifest as bullet sponges, swarming in such numbers that being cornered and killed in seconds is almost inevitable. To revive, you need to take a token to a respawn point, and if you don’t have one, you must rely on another player or, more commonly, wait for a new round so you can return automatically – with everything you bought beforehand stripped away from you. To the Moon


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